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Web Design

ANARTA / Website

Year 2023 Q2
Type Web Design
ANARTA, a Hong Kong-based design and renovation company, sought to rebrand itself as a premium brands agency for furniture, fixtures, and surface materials for interior design. Client looked for a brand website campaign that would list information on the brands they represent, showcase previous projects, offer online communication channels with potential clients, and promote their showroom.
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A Holistic Design Approach

The new website layout design concept took a "physical printed brand book" approach to create an immersive and present feeling on the site. To align with the brand image, our design team strictly followed the brand guidelines, including matching the colors and spacing usage for consistency. Additionally, the team used grids and lines to express the ideas of engineering and professionalism in the brands' product consultation and application, with a precise and neat design.
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Reshaped the Brand with New Site

The new ANARTA website went live on schedule and met the launch date of the physical showroom, maximizing the brand awareness. ANARTA is successfully positioned itself as a distinguished agency for furniture, fixtures, and surface materials for interior design. Also, the new site grouped multiple high-quality brands together without losing the image of ANARTA.

What our client says

What our client says

Kay Tse