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Web Design

Kaytiquette / Online Shop

Client Kay Tse
Year 2021 Q4
Type Web Design
Kaytiquette is a newly launched e-shop founded by Kay Tse, the prominent female singer in HK. Facing limited manpower in a small team, they urgently needed help building a functional, attractive and themed e-shop in 1.5 month time. They also needed help driving conversion efficiently and consistently from their target customers.
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Bulk data processing for higher efficiency

In view of the urgency from Kaytiquette, we adopted bulk data processing solution for product import and generic image specs for website design in order to trim down the processing time needed for images upload. With the time saved during this stage, our team was able to focus on the e-shop elements design and business automation set-up.

Develop creative website design

We do not just “build” but also story-telling. After learning about the brand story and ideas from Kaytiquette, we decided to build a dedicated page to introduce their unique and stunning mix & match outfits, and divided them into different story episodes. The tailored approach helped shaping a premium brand positioning of Kaytiquette in the fashion field.

Automation for a seamless business operations

We are specializing in website optimization to provide a smooth and seamless user experience for customers. Besides products, order-making and delivery are critical for an e-shop. We integrated Smart Logistics Gateway (ShipAny) for Kaytiquette to automate the whole purchasing process including auto way-bill, order notifications and courier tracking, which is highly effective for a team with limited manpower.
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Great launch with best e-shop experience

Kaytiquette e-shop is successfully built on time to match with the client's remarkable marketing campaign.

Sustainable system and Smooth ordering

All orders are handled well under the automated ecommerce system which allows Kaytiquette to focus on the business growth.

What our client says

What our client says

Kay Tse