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HKU / Web Game

Client HKU
Year 2021 Q2
Type Gamification
Organized by the Faculty of Social Science from HKU, “Water Footprint Calculator” is an initiative aiming to raise public awareness of direct and indirect freshwater consumptions in our daily lives and nurture the public to be proactive in reducing water consumptions. The organizer was looking for an interesting yet educational format to achieve the campaign goal, which we have decided to adopt the strategy of Gamification.
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Creative yet practical game design

Although the concept of water-saving is nothing new to the public, the awareness of how the general public consumes freshwater directly and indirectly remains low. Therefore, we worked with the client to revamp the water footprint calculator app with innovative game design ideas to further educate the general public on the concept of water consumption and virtual water. We utilized the idea of “Shopping Cart” that allows users to pick items they need every day such as clothing, food, household and transport to calculate the total volume of freshwater used including the production process, which provides users a full picture of how they consume “water” and “virtual water” right now and what kind of actions shall be done to reduce their water consumption.

Flexible data structure and WebApp layout

In view of the complexity of research data sets required for the water footprint calculations, we constructed a flexible data structure for the client to handle and update large amounts of research data efficiently. Meanwhile, in order to accommodate various user needs, we have also framed the portrait web layout to fit all kinds of devices, in particular, mobile devices.
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Successful launch with revamped game design

A refreshing and clean web app design to advocate the concept of “water footprint” was successfully launched. It was a meaningful initiative that aimed to further raise public awareness of water consumption and eventually motivate the public to reduce their water consumption.

What our client says

What our client says

Thank you so much for all the hard work and efforts contributed to this project. It has been a long and challenging journey, I believe our faith, creativity and teamwork made a success to the project. We should get together to celebrate this remarkable completion of the project.